8 How to apply Car and vehicle Insurance

You will always beradapan with risks as well as risks for your car or vehicle. This is the function of the insurance, the insurance will reduce the impact of the risks you face in the financial field. Car insurance can provide a protection on your car so you can reduce the impact of risks such as accidents, fires, riots, damage or natural disasters. Many people still have difficulty in registering the following car insurance, car insurance: how to register

Understand the function of car insurance
Traffic accidents became one of the biggest killers in Indonesia. You or someone else can do the omissions that cause traffic accidents so as to have an impact that is not good. A person can be a victim, your car could also be damaged. In addition, you also can not detect the occurrence of a natural disaster, theft or anything else that can cause damage to your vehicle. Car insurance can provide maximum vehicle protection. You will also get compensation if your car experience a loss, damage or theft.

The insurance company can give compensation in an amount corresponding to the amount of your premium payments. This will certainly help you in overcoming financial problems when an unwanted stuff on your car. At once you can minimize the money you have to spend. You will also feel more calm because the car can be groomed from a range of minor damage. If you want to resell your car someday, you will be helped because the car is still in good condition. (see also: the function of the market – the economic rational action)

Know your car insurance service givers


There are currently many institutions which provide car insurance for potential customers. Starting from ACA, Autocilin, AIG, Allianz, Garda Oto, Himalayas, Jasindo, Chubb, Avrist, Bess, KSK insurance, malacca, mnc trust insurance, simasnet, sinarmas, ABDA, mercury, Ramayana, Pan Pacific, MAG, Tokio Marine, AXA and Aswata. Each of these institutions offer services car insurance with a range of benefits. You can find out the respective services provided so you can make comparisons. Next you will be easier to know car insurance that suits you. (read also: a good car insurance in indonesia – the insurance function – the legal basis of syariah insurance)

Choose an insurance service givers

There are some considerations in choosing an insurance service. You should know the benefits you will get because every giver services offer distinct advantages. Customize with your current needs. Make sure you also seek recommendations from friends, relatives or co-workers. You also need to find out about the claims of each of the service providers, whether anyone ever about constraints when insurance claims and how many people who have experienced it. The more people who admit to having problems in the process of a claim, then you should consider returning to become a customer.

Know also the location of the workshop partners from the insurance service. Each giver services usually have the workshop partners cooperated to handle claims from policyholders. The partner in charge of the repair shop to repair the vehicle and car policyholders. You can find out the location of the workshop givers counterparty services, is it too far from your home or still you can reach easily.

Know the types of car insurance


There are several types of car insurance you need to know before deciding to take out car insurance. There are currently two types of car insurance that many service providers are offered i.e. all risk and car insurance car insurance or TLO total loss only. All risk car insurance is also often referred to as the overall or comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance will protect your car from a wide range of damage. Ranging from light damage, heavy damage even if you experience a loss of vehicles. Types of car insurance all risk also has a more expensive cost of insurance total loss only because it includes a lot more risk.

The advantage of this type of insurance that is you can make a claim even if the vehicle is damaged only lightly. While the total loss only insurance is insurance that can protect your vehicle from losing total. Lost in the car intended for insurance if the damage is more than 75% or if the car is lost because of stolen or seized. If the damage is not too severe a car like that then you will get no compensation. If the car undergoes a minimum of 75% then it could damage certain cars can not be used again. This type of insurance has a lower premium prices from car insurance all risk.

You can choose one of the types of insurance based on your needs and how your habits of using the car. If the car more often at home or rarely used, then lost a total of only insurance you can select. Conversely, if your car is often used and be the only transport you, then it would be better if you select the all risk insurance. Especially if you have a car rental business, then all risk insurance is a very wise choice for you.

Complete document

If you have chosen the type of insurance as well as the giver of the service that is right for you then you need to pay attention to the requirements needed. Each giver services will provide requirements that are more or less the same, but there may be some that are a little different. If you already know and understand the requirements you have to prepare the document. Usually the service provider will ask for a document such as a form of insurance that they provide, a copy of the license plate number of the vehicle (VEHICLE REGISTRATION), a copy of the identity card is either a sign of inhabitants (KTP), driving license (SIM) and the KITAS or KITAP for citizens alien and the last copy of NPWP and PROVIDED, if the policy holder is a company. (see also: how to file a mortgage – firm – how to file a credit card)

The survey vehicle

After you complete the entire file, officer of providers will conduct surveys on your vehicle before the insurance process in progress. The results of the survey will be included in the report of the survey. If your vehicle is still new, and usually you will get through this process and simply show proof of handover of the vehicle to the service provider.

The making of the polis

After going through the above stages, ranging from the required documents has been complete, the process of the survey has been completed then the insurance policy can be printed. Some service providers may provide a different policy regarding the making of policy. Some insurance providers also send files directly to the address of your insurance so you don't have to to their Office to retrieve the files that you must save. (read also: insurance tafakul how to apply – how to register bpjs – type vehicle insurance)

Pay a premium

The last step is to register the car insurance is to pay the initial premium and the premium for each month the amount and period of time specified and in accordance with the agreement you made with the insurance provider.

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